Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Holidays for July 23rd 2013

National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day celebrates one of America's favorite summer sandwiches. It is only fitting that this dog gets its day.
Its summertime. Hot dogs are center stage on the grill, and at picnics all across America. They are at the ballpark. They are sold from carts on street corners in every city. It's not hard to find them. We consume hundreds of millions of hot dogs on the Fourth of July alone.
Enjoy National Hot Dog Day to the fullest. Have a couple of hot dogs for lunch or dinner. And, don't forget to cook a few on a stick at the evening campfire.
What's in a hot dog? Don't' ask, and we won't tell. Sometimes, it's best if you don't know.
Happy National Hot Dog Day!

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day celebrates one of Americas favorite ice cream flavors.
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream vies for the taste buds ice cream lovers. Chocolate may win the popularity contest. But, vanilla is a close second. It is also more refreshing, and more versatile. 
It's easy to celebrate Vanilla Ice Cream Day on a hot summer day like today. Enjoy it in a cone, a dish, a float, a shake, or in a cake. If you get it in a cone today, ask for extra scoops, and worry about the calories later. Just make sure to eat it quickly, before it melts.
If you go out for ice cream today, watch for discounts and special promotions on vanilla ice cream!

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Give your Nana a call! Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day!
Who is a Gorgeous Grandma? She is every woman over fifty, sixty, or seventy who:
Believes she has her whole life ahead of her, not her whole life behind her. Wants to get the most out of every day of her life. Wants to thrive, not just survive. Cares for her mind and her body. Remains adaptable to life’s bittersweet as well as sweet. Cherishes herself as much as she cherishes her loved ones. Refuses to remain static - who is always open to learning, to new ideas, to new challenges and to new experiences.
Loves life - and lets everyone know it!

Hot Enough For Ya Day

Here's the day when the tired old greeting actually gains acceptance. Go ahead, say it, if you don't have anything else to add.

In most parts of the U.S., "Hot Enough for Ya Day" is well appreciated and understood. Temperatures in many parts of the country will reach well beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and citizens will be seeking out new and innovative ways to stay cool. On July 23, 2011, 14 all-time temperature records were broken and seven were tied. Cameron, Pa., reached 106 degrees, beating the previous record by a whopping four degrees!