Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holidays for August 27th 2013

National Banana Lovers Day

On the heels of National Banana Split Day, August 27th is Banana Lover’s Day! Native to Malaysia, people have been enjoying bananas for centuries. Globally, more than 100 billion bananas are consumed each year. Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit – consuming close to 30 pounds of bananas annually. Did you know bananas do not grow on trees? They are actually the world’s largest perennial herb and can grow up to 25 feet tall. A cluster of bananas is called a “hand” consisting of 10 to 20 bananas, or “fingers. “

The Many Health Benefits of Bananas

High in fiber and potassium, bananas not only taste good, but are good for you. Bananas contain 15 percent of your daily recommended requirement of Vitamin C and are high in B6 and manganese too. At about 100 calories each, bananas have no fat and no cholesterol. Besides helping prevent bone loss and alleviating high blood pressure, bananas also help with heartburn, morning sickness, ulcers, menstrual cramps and anemia. They have also been shown to help protect against kidney cancer.

First Kiss Day

August 27th is First Kiss Day, a prime opportunity for affectionate pecking.

Popeye the Sailor, the spinach-munching cartoon power-puncher, and his lady love Olive Oyl, shared their first kiss on August 27, 1929. "My hero," the slender sweetie said, as she fell into a swoon.

Who is your hero, or who is your sweetheart? August 27th is the day to buss, canoodle, peck or smooch the one you love. If your beloved is away, why not write a romantic old-fashioned letter and seal it with a kiss (SWAK)?

Motorist Consideration Day

Road rage is out on August 27th. Today is Motorist Consideration Day, a high-powered occasion for expressing courtesy on the highways and byways. Commuters and joy riders alike may find ways to be more polite than ever.

Who knows? Maybe some drivers will actually stop texting behind the wheel long enough to nod kindly and allow others to go first at intersections or to merge easily into their traffic lanes. Perhaps others will behave civilly when interacting with law enforcement officers during unexpected pull-overs.

Here are a few ideas for igniting enthusiasm for Motorist Consideration Day on August 27th, to steer folks in the right direction "Can You Talk with Both Hands on the Wheel," "Copping an Excuse," "Driving Lessons," "Gas Station No-No's," "How to Clean Your Own Car," "How to Tell Your Parents You Crashed the Family Car," "Licensed to Drive" and "Ragtop."

Let's put the pedal to the medal and rev up gentility on August 27th to celebrate Motorist Consideration Day.

National Pots de Crème Day

It's National Pots de Crème Day! What is pots de crème, you ask? Well, Pots de Crème is a baked custard dessert and translates from French to English as "pot of cream." Because it is a very rich dish, it is typically baked and served in small pots, or ramekins, maybe with a little shortbread cookie on the side or a dollop of whipped cream on top. Although chocolate is certainly popular, vanilla is the traditional pots de crème.

"The Duchess" Who Wasn't Day

“The Duchess” Who Wasn’t Day celebrates the life of Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, an irish novelist who was always published under the pen name “The Duchess” in the United States – also the name of her most popular novel, published in 1887. Margaret is responsible for the popular phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, in her book Molly Bawn, so try and slip it into conversation!

In total, The Duchess had at least 57 works attributed to her name but could have written many, many more as a lot of her early work was published as Anonymous, and later as Mrs Hungerford, before “The Duchess” became popular in the States. She also wrote many newspaper articles and had a large family – four daughters and two sons.

Born on the 27th April 1855 in County Cork, she won prizes in school for writing stories. After the death of her first husband in 1876 The Duchess took to writing more seriously to support her three daughters, and it was shortly after this that her first book “Phyllis” was written, and a little later on “Molly Bawn”.

She remarried in 1882, had two sons and a daughter with her second husband and eventually died of typhoid fever in 1897.

Just Because Day

Today is Just Because Day. Finally, you have a chance to do something without a rhyme or reason. Most often in life, we do things because we have to, or we want to, or it's expected of us. None of those reasons apply today. 

Is there something you'd like to do, but there isn't a reason or logic for doing it? Well, today is the day to go out and do something "just because". It is most enjoyable if it is an uncommon, or unexpected activity or action. Perhaps, you have something in mind. If not, just go with the first thing that comes to your mind.  "Just because" activities often come from a "whim" or a "what if I" type of thought. We know you will quickly get the hang of this day, and have a lot of fun with it.

To get you started, here are some of our suggestions for Just Because Day :
  • Take an unplanned day of vacation
  • Visit someone you haven't seen in a while
  • Knock on someone's door and compliment them for their great lawn
  • Skip, don't walk
  • Spin a wheel, and bicycle in the opposite direction of where the arrow points.
  • Buy something you don't need.
  • Jump in a puddle
  • Walk backwards
Here is a great idea- send someone some flowers- - "just because"

National Petroleum Day

It’s National Petroleum Day, also referred to as Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day. This annual “holiday” raises awareness on the impact petroleum has on our lives and our environment.


Petroleum, a fossil fuel, takes millions of years to form and is considered a non-renewable energy source. While petroleum is used in many products including gasoline, asphalt, tires, candles, perfume and plastics, its supply is limited. Some predict this natural resource will be completely depleted in a few decades.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), America is the largest consumer of petroleum products. In 2011, Americans consumed over 18 million barrels of petroleum products per day. While Canada, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria and Mexico are top sources of net crude oil and petroleum product imports, crude oil is also produced in 31 states and U.S. coastal waters. But it is difficult to determine where the petroleum products we use actually come from once they are refined.

Alternative Energy

As the cost of gasoline continues to go up, our reliance on oil has many Americans taking a serious look at alternative energy. Because of improvements in efficiency, consumer behavior and our current economic conditions, American's dependence on oil has actually declined over the years while our use of domestic biofuels and domestic production of natural gas plant liquids and crude oil has increased.

While petroleum is a substance used in a wide variety of products, this nonrenewable resource poses significant environmental issues including pollution, contaminated soil and oil spills. Decreasing society’s reliance on petroleum and increasing our use of renewable resources, is an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to reduce our dependency on our dwindling supply of fossil fuels.