Monday, November 18, 2013

Holidays for November 18th 2013

Married to A Scorpio Support Day

Today is Married to a Scorpio Support Day which must mean the spouses of Scorpios need a LOT of support. I’ve never heard of “Married to a Libra Support Day” or “In a Relationship with an Aquarius” support day. As a Scorpio, I have to wonder- what’s the big deal about our sign?

There is probably no other sun-sign that is this demanding when it comes to marriage.

The Scorpio is willing to put any amount of effort into making the marriage not only work, but also give unparalleled happiness and emotional support to both. For example, a male Scorpio will work day and night accumulating wealth in order to equip the house with all sorts of luxuries and necessities. In case of a female, she would work hard at keeping the house spotless, and provide her husband with all sorts of care and comfort.

But what the Scorpio will hate more than anything else is an attitude from the partner that does not match with his/her. He/she wants someone who will match him/her in every sort of way. A person without the strength of character and vigor that they have is not acceptable to them. And this goes on to the sex life – they do not like the partner to show disinterest. And even when they do it, they want the partner to be passionate and creative just as they are.

All of this is just the result of the kind of plans that the Scorpio has for his/her married life. But there is the possibility of overdoing things, like slogging long hours in the office while the wife passes time in loneliness at home. This is bad to any relationship.

And the only thing that is worse is jealousy. I just cannot stress enough on the need to control this feeling. It can crop not only out of suspicion of the spouse’s sexual relations with another person. The jealousy may be directed even at the spouse himself/herself – say if the spouse is more successful than you are at your career.

Scorpios are excellent parents and don’t just let their children grow up and learn they teach them stuff, not in the classroom kind of way but through outings and other fun stuff. They also expect a lot from their kids and do not let them settle for average grades. The kids, nudged and encouraged in this way, inherit quite a lot of the independence and vigor of the Scorpio.

Push-Button Phone Day

On this day in 1963 the Push Button Phone came to be available commercially.

Henry Dryfus, an industrial designer working for Bell Telephone, is credited with inventing the interface notion of the pushbutton, working as a consultant to Bell Telephone. One of the first prototypes of the design was made of wood showing how early prototypes can be quite effective in communicating new concepts and getting customer feedback. The version that Bell Systems / Western Electric introduced in 1962 at a World’s Fair in Seattle and as a commercial product on November 18, 1963 was based on this wooden model (third photograph above). They replaced the basic design language from a circle to square to visibly highlight the change from dial to push button design.

Most phones today don’t have a different tone for every key anymore...I guess some cell phones do, but not mine...sadness. They used to have music books you could buy to play songs with your phone. Sure now you might get a few different tones, but not all different ones…unless you have a really old phone. Funny how now how a lot of people don’t even have a home phone…I think that is weird. Also…that means no answering machines. I also remember when caller ID first came out and I thought it was so cool. It is weird to think that everyone just used to pick up the phone whenever it rang having no idea who was on the other end. Also, I don’t know anyone’s phone number anymore. I know my parent’s house phone & cell phone numbers because they haven’t changed since before I had a cell phone. I also know my best friend’s house number because growing up I would call it just about every day…”Hi Amy!” Other then that…I am pretty lost. In a jam I might be able to remember Jared’s cell number or maybe my friend Adriane’s because it has a lot of the same number in it. Hmm…now that I am thinking about this, this could be a serious problem if I am stranded somewhere and neither of my parents are home. I vow to learn a couple other numbers!

So, if you have a cell phone that plays different notes for every key then don’t worry if you don’t have the iPhone or all these so called "apps"…you can play songs!

Enjoy your Push Button Phones today…and if you can…play a song on it for me!

Occult Day

Occult Day is a mysterious day, outside the realm of the normal and natural world.

Concealed, secret, hidden, mysterious, un-natural. These are all words to describe the world of Occult. Astrology should readily come to mind. Alchemy, too. Many secret groups are occults.

How do you partake and enjoy Occult Day? It's a cinch! Join or start a secret society. Get out the ouija board. Visit an Astrologer. Or, have your palm read.

Every November 18th is Occult Day. In addition to visiting your favorite psychic and charting your stars perhaps today would be a good day to pick up a piece of occult literature and give it a skim in celebration.

If you are looking for a good read this Occult Day perhaps you should give some of these titles a whirl:
  • The Magician by W. Somerset Maugham- The villain in this book is inspired by the infamous Aleister Crowley, the famous occultist and ceremonial magician. A story of Edwardian Paris full of magic, intrigue, and revenge.
  • The Club Dumas by Sonia Soto- The inspiration for the film “The Ninth Gate,” The Club Dumas is the ultimate in occult fiction. Magick, the Devil, sex and violence, this book is a must read for the horror and occult fan alike.
  • The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole- Not necessarily about the occult,The Castle of Otranto is cataloged in the literary canon as the first gothic novel and the forerunner for writers like Poe, Stoker, and du Maurier, setting the course for the genre. Full of lords and knights and princesses alike, this is not your average fairy tale. Walpole uses foreshadowing, prophecies, devilish acts, and switches on switches to keep readers on the edge of their seats and captivated by the suspense.
Now do yourself a favor this occult day and do a little research before picking up an “occult fiction” title by the Barnes & Noble definition. Titles like Great Hexpectations and Blood Hunt are being lumped with titles worth noting likeKalki and Frankenstein. For what it is worth, Occult is a broad topic with a lot of literary interpretations, so you may want to work out what your definition is before choosing. However, this is a day of occultish celebration, so if The Cajun’s Captive is more your speed, then good for you! Go for it!

Happy reading, and Happy Occult Day!

National Vichyssoise Day

You're hot and you're cold - November 18 is National Vichyssoise Day!

If you're still trying to figure out how to spell or pronounce this soup with flair, we'll fill you in on all the little details.

Pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream and chicken stock all come together in this thick soup. And while it is almost always served cold, we don't blame you for wanting a hot bowl on a cool day - it's just as tasty either way.

Food lovers and chefs alike are simply baffled over the origins of this chilled soup, mainly begging the question "is it American or is it French?!" Julia Child referred to it as an "American invention."

The Ritz-Carlton's chef in the early 1900s, Louis Diat, "reinvented" the soup after succumbing to a bit of childhood nostalgia and whipping up his mother's potato and leek soup with a touch of cold milk. Diat named it after Vichy, which was close to his hometown in France.

See for yourself the delights of this comforting soup by making up a pot to get you through the weekend.

Mickey Mouse's Birthday

“I hope that we never lose site of one thing: that it was all started by a Mouse.” - Walt Disney

According to Disney World, Mickey Mouse's official birthday is November 18, 1928 when he made his film debut in Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theatre in New York City. This was the first Disney cartoon with Mickey Mouse in it released. However, the first cartoon starring Mickey Mouse was Plane Crazy in 1928, it was the third Disney cartoon released. Mickey Mouse has since starred in over 120 Disney cartoons.

Mickey Mouse’s image is the most reproduced in the world. Over 7,500 items bear his likeness. Jesus is number two, and Elvis is number three. Mickey Mouse's likeness was conceived by Walt Disney and first drawn together with artist Ub Iwerks.

The first person to voice Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney himself. The next person was Jim Macdonald who held on to that position for a long time. As of today, Wayne Allwine now provides the voice for Mickey Mouse.

William Tell Day

It is William Tell Day–today in 1307, William Tell shot an apple off the head of his son. The actual legend is quite interesting.

There are several accounts of the Tell legend. The earliest sources give an account of the apple-shot, Tell's escape and the ensuing rebellion. The assassination of Gessler is not mentioned in the Tellenlied, but is already present in the White Book of Sarnen account.

The legend as told by Tschudi (ca. 1570) goes as follows: William Tell, who originally came from Bürglen, was known as a strong man, mountain climber, and an expert shot with the crossbow. In his time, the Habsburg emperors of Austria were seeking to dominate Uri. Albrecht (or Hermann) Gessler, the newly appointed Austrian Vogt of Altdorf, raised a pole in the village's central square, hung his hat on top of it, and demanded that all the townsfolk bow before the hat.

On 18 November 1307, Tell visited Altdorf with his young son and passed by the hat, publicly refusing to bow to it, and so was arrested. Gessler—intrigued by Tell's famed marksmanship, yet resentful of his defiance—devised a cruel punishment: Tell and his son would be executed, but he could redeem his life by shooting an apple off the head of his son, Walter, in a single attempt. Tell split the apple with a bolt from his crossbow.

But Gessler noticed that Tell had removed two crossbow bolts from his quiver, not one. Before releasing Tell, he asked why. Tell replied that if he had killed his son, he would have used the second bolt on Gessler himself. Gessler was angered, and had Tell bound.

Tell was brought to Gessler's ship to be taken to his castle at Küssnacht to spend his newly won life in a dungeon. But, as a storm broke on Lake Lucerne, the soldiers were afraid that their boat would founder, and unbound Tell to steer with all his famed strength. Tell made use of the opportunity to escape, leaping from the boat at the rocky site now known as the Tellsplatte ("Tell's slab") and memorialized by the Tellskapelle.

Tell ran cross-country to Küssnacht. As Gessler arrived, Tell assassinated him with the second crossbow bolt along a stretch of the road cut through the rock between Immensee and Küssnacht, now known as the Hohle Gasse. Tell's blow for liberty sparked a rebellion, in which he played a leading part. That fed the impetus for the nascent Swiss Confederation.