Friday, January 3, 2014

Holidays and Observances for January 3rd 2014

Fruitcake Toss Day

With another holiday season behind us, it’s finally time to haul the Christmas tree out to the curb and take down all those holiday decorations - until next year. But there may be one holiday item you’re not quite sure what to do with. The dreaded fruitcake!

Some folks swear there are only one or two fruitcakes in the world that get passed down from generation to generation! If you happen to have one propping up a door or collecting freezer burn, today may just be your lucky day! January 3rd is Fruitcake Toss Day! This annual "holiday" provides the perfect excuse for fruitcake owners to finally toss out those heavy bricks filled with all sorts of unknown fruit that reportedly last an eternity.

Despite the fact today’s fruitcakes aren’t what they used to be, they still get a pretty bad rap. Today’s fruitcakes are rich and decadent and often soaked in a variety of fabulous liqueurs. In fact, fruitcakes even have their own special day in December – National Fruitcake Day.

Annual Fruitcake Toss
Each year, people around America flock to Manitou Springs, Colorado, for the annual Fruitcake Toss Festival, which usually takes place on the first or second Saturday in January. Besides having the most beautiful or ugliest fruitcakes around, folks flock to the town to take part in the tossing of fruitcakes with canons, pneumatic guns or by hand. In case you don’t have your own cake, you can rent one! Be sure to check out the rules!

In case you can't make it to Colorado this year, now you won't have to re-gift that hard-as-a-rock fruitcake next year. In honor of this special holiday, there is no doubt - just go ahead and toss it out!

Humiliation Day

With a brand new year underway, many people look forward to new beginnings. Whether your particular resolution for the New Year involves a healthier lifestyle, new job or perhaps a new romance, this is the time of year when many people reflect and re-evaluate and today is no exception.

While the origins of this annual holiday are unknown, January 3rd is Humiliation Day. It’s a special day of the year that focuses on humility and being humble, not for humiliating others.

While humility is a virtue, humiliation can cause someone to feel shame, a loss of self-respect and dignity. Sadly, humiliating or bullying someone in person or online is a growing problem that can cause low self-esteem, depression, isolation and suicide.

Today is also the perfect opportunity to apologize to that special friend, beloved family member or even that annoying co-worker. Humiliation Day serves as an important reminder of being humble and sometimes, words really do hurt.

Humility Quotes & Sayings
  • Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. ~ Thomas Merton
  • The proud man can learn humility but he will be proud of it. ~ Mignon McLaughlin
  • Be not proud of race, face, place or grace. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  • My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. ~ Woody Allen
  • Do you wish people to think well of you? Don't speak well of yourself. ~ Blaise Pascal
  • Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. ~ C.S. Lewis
J.R.R. Tolkien Day

Happy Birthday to the father of high fantasy literature, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, who lived January 3, 1892 to September 2, 1973 . Tolkien was so many things to the world, author, academic, student, professor, philologist, linguist, poet, and chief influence upon the world of fantasy fiction writing today. He created his own languages, complete with grammar rules and all. He created a world, Middle-earth, that was more than a mere map with some cultural hotspots, but an entire believable universe that feels so real, one can hardly believe that it does not exist at some point in our own universe's history.

Tolkien's realm of hobbits, elves, dwarves, men, goblins, orcs, balrogs, uruk-hai, and many, many, many more (see list of Middle-earth peoples), is really so vast that one could spend a lifetime studying it, and still not really wrap one's head around its breadth.

It goes beyond his creating one of the most popular stories of all time, in his bestselling books The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. The appendices for those books alone begins to unravel the threads of his genius, but in a way, that's only the starting point. During his lifetime he developed, as well as with the help of his son, Christopher, in posthumous publishing and editing, vast histories of different aspects and characters of Middle-earth (see Tolkien bibliography). It's uncanny, really, to think that one man's brain could be so prodigious.

Oh to have sat in on his discussions with him and fellow genius, colleague, and friend, C. S. Lewis, at their favorite pub The Eagle and Child, in Oxford, England, which I've fortunately had the privilege of visiting and imagining just such a conversation... magnificent it would be, just magical.

So here's to you, dear friend beyond the grave and great inspiration to me, you'll always lay claim to my favorite story in the world. Thank you, Professor Tolkien.

Memento Mori (Remember You Die) Day

Today the 3rd of January is Memento Mori (Remember You Die) Day. Now why would I bring up such a depressing subject you say? This is not meant to bring you down at all this is just something to make us all more aware that we all have a time limit, an expiration date of sorts. What do you do with the milk when you know the expiration date is close? Take full advantage of that thing and make the best use of it, we make milkshakes smoothies and start eating all the cereal you can so that money you spent on that gallon doe't got to waste.

Same applies to life only difference is we don't know the day we just know its coming; that's what makes it interesting. We all have a proverbial bus just waiting to hit us so why not have fun and live life to its fullest before we have to pay the fare.

Go out and do something even if its for 5 minutes that you absolutely enjoy and savor it. We all got responsibilities we all have stress but we all have a final day. Lets enjoy this thing whilst we are here and leave the worries behind.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

In the United States, there is something to celebrate almost every day. Today is no different. January 3 is National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day.

What are chocolate covered cherries? Chocolate covered cherries usually consist of maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate sauce and refrigerated overnight. The sauce consists of butter, cream and semi-sweet chocolate. The cherries are normally covered in sugar prior to being dipped in the chocolate sauce.

The origin of National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day is unknown. In 1929, chocolate covered cherries were introduced by Cella's Confections in New York. Cella's Confections was eventually bought by Tootsie Roll in 1985. Cella's chocolate covered cherries have a 100 percent liquid center for an extra gooey taste.

The main goal in celebrating National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day is to indulge and enjoy the juicy, sweet flavor.

If you like cherries, and if you like chocolate, why not mix the two and treat yourself to chocolate covered cherries.

You can purchase chocolate covered cherries or you can make your own. Just make sure you have enough for everyone so they may enjoy the delicious treat as well.

National Drinking Straw Day

Drinking Straw Day is celebrated annually on January 3rd in the United States!

Happy Drinking Straw Day everyone! On drinking straw day we are encouraged to celebrate the invention of the drinking straw. So enjoy this day by drinking cool drinks with cool straws all day long!

I guess you don't find paper straws that much anymore do you? Yes in deed drinking straws have been improved since that day in 1888 when it was first invented. Now-ah-days, Straws are made of plastic, and include bendy straws, candy straws, and spoon straws too. My alltime favorite straws are fun twirling straws just like the picture shows! There's lots of fun in drinking out of a fun straw- Give it a try! Live Everyday like A Holiday!

"Marvin Chester Stone was the inventor of the modern drinking straw." "He lived in Washington DC most of his life, until his death in 1898."

"The first drinking straws were made of dry, hollow, rye grass." "Stone, who worked in a factory that made paper cigarette holders, did not like this design because it made beverages taste like grass." "As an alternative, on January 3, 1888, he got a piece of paper from his factory." "He wrapped it around a pencil." "He coated it with wax so it would not leak or get waterlogged."

"The drinking straw is a short tube used for transferring a liquid - usually a drink from one location to another (such as from a cup, to one's mouth)." "A thin tube of plastic (such as polypropylene and polystyrene) or other material, straight or with an accordion-like living hinge, it is employed by being held with one end in the mouth and another end in the drink." "Muscular action reduces air pressure in the mouth, whereupon atmospheric pressure forces the drink up the straw." "The first straws were made by the Sumerians, and used for drinking beer (as to avoid the solid byproducts of fermentation)." "Argentines and their neighbors use a similar metallic device called bombilla that acts as both a straw and sieve for drinking mate tea. The modern drinking straw was patented in 1888 by Marvin C. Stone."

Festival Of Sleep Day

January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day. This obscure holiday is becoming better known with each passing year. Little is known of its origins or when it was first celebrated. It’s assumed that this unofficial Holiday was created for people seeking rest and relaxation after Christmas shopping and New Year celebrations.

Unlike most holidays centering on gatherings or celebrations, Festival of Sleep Day revolves around rest and relaxation. It is an opportunity to sleep in, be lazy, doze, or nap for 20 minutes, 8 hours or the entire day. Sleep alone, with teddy or a favorite. Even cuddle up with a friend if you wish. The idea is to get recharged for the new year.

As we well know from our parents’ warnings, you won’t grow if you don’t receive your proper rest. Sleep is needed for longevity, and is important for both the brain and the body. Did you know that people could actually survive longer without food than they can without sleep? Sleep is important for concentration, memory formation and the repair of damage to your body’s cells during the day. Chronic lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections.

Sleep allows your brain a chance to sort things out. Scientists think that this is the time when the brain sorts and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems.

The amount of sleep a person needs depends a lot on his age. Missing one night’s sleep can make a person cranky, but missing more can lead to things much worse! If you’ve ever watched old war movies where soldiers were deprived of sleep you may recall that the longer a person goes without sleep the problems his brain and body will have doing their normal functions. He may begin hallucinating and eventually his body stops receiving direction from his brain altogether.

Women Rock! Day

In 1986, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its first group of inductees: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and the Everly Brothers. Since then, the Hall has added a new class of inductees each year, expanding by January 2008 to 209 honorees in four categories: Performers, Non-Performers, Sidemen and Lifetime Achievers. The category in which the Hall is most conspicuously lacking, however, is women. Of the 159 total inductions in the Performers category, 135 have been of solo male performers or male groups. Only 10 solo female performers and 13 groups containing at least one female performer have been added since the Hall admitted its first woman—Aretha Franklin—on January 3, 1987.

A combination of history and Hall of Fame policy help explain the gender imbalance. To be considered for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, candidates must have released their first album at least 25 years earlier. This means that in its first ten years of existence, the Hall of Fame considered only female rock and roll figures from the1960s and earlier, a period during which there were relatively few prominent women working in what would generally be considered rock and roll. There was Aretha, there were girl groups like the Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas (inducted in 1988 and 1995, respectively) and there was Tina Turner (inducted with Ike in 1991), but beyond those obvious choices, the Hall had to look to three women—LaVern Baker, Etta James and Ruth Brown—who were really more R&B than rock and roll.

In its second 10 years, women fared better with the Hall of Fame as artists like the Jefferson Airplane (1996), Joni Mitchell (1997), Bonnie Raitt (2000) and the Pretenders (2005) became eligible for induction. Still, considering how few female artists and groups are likely to be given serious consideration in the coming years—Heart? Joan Jett? Chaka Khan?—the Hall's roster of honorees is a striking reflection of how much rock and roll really has been, and continues to be, a man's world.

For the record, the solo women and groups containing women who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as of 2008 are (in order of induction):
  • Aretha Franklin
  • The Supremes
  • LaVern Baker
  • Ike and Tina Turner
  • Ruth Brown
  • Etta James
  • Martha and the Vandellas
  • Janis Joplin
  • The Shirelles
  • Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick)
  • Gladys Knight and the Pips
  • Joni Mitchell
  • The Mamas and the Papas (Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips)
  • Fleetwood Mac (Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks)
  • The Staple Singers
  • Dusty Springfield
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Talking Heads (Tina Weymouth)
  • Brenda Lee
  • The Pretenders (Chryssie Hind)
  • Blondie (Debbie Harry)
  • The Ronettes
  • Patti Smith
  • Madonna