Friday, June 13, 2014

Holidays and Observances for June 13 2014

National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Are you the person who spills the milk? Are you the person who knocks the dish off the counter and breaks it? Well my accident-prone friends today is your day. On Kitchen Klutzes of America Day it's ok to be klutzey. Yep that's right! If you broke a dish today then be creative and crafty. Pick up the pieces and glue them on something and have some fun. Maybe you could make yourself a mozaick picture, frame or flower pot. Either way just know that spills and breaks don't matter at all today. We are all good at cleaning up the messes in life right?  Just enjoy yourself and.... if you see someone be klutzy in the kitchen today... don't be mean by making them feel bad. Accidents happen all the time so live today on the lighter side of life

If cooking and baking just isn't your cup of tea, hold on to your apron strings. Move over, Lucy Ricardo, June 13 is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, a special holiday set aside for folks who should avoid the kitchen and all those fancy appliances altogether! While the origins of this "holiday" are unknown, one can only imagine who “invented” the day.

A klutz is a person who is clumsy, foolish, inept, or accident-prone. The term is perhaps derived from the Yiddish klots ('wooden beam'), cognate with the German Klotz, meaning a "block" or "lump". The British slang, pillock and the Australian slang, galah are used with similar meaning, particularly in terms of being foolish and inept.

The term klutz has largely permeated into the English language, even amongst speakers of English with no Yiddish or indeed Jewish heritage.

Now since we are talking about a kitchen klutz, this is a accident-prone person in the kitchen. 

In honor of National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, stand up and be proud and say it out loud! Know you are wonderful at so many other things - just stay out of the kitchen!

How to Celebrate National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
  • Watch a few episodes of Lucy in the kitchen in the classic television series, I Love Lucy.
  • Sign up and take a few (or more) cooking classes.
  • If you can afford it, hire a chef to come to your home and whip up a fabulous meal!
  • Send a free e-card greeting to someone who matches the above description.
Sewing Machine Day

Today is Sewing Machine Day! Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine in 1790. Since then, the sewing machine has become one of the iconic symbols of the Industrial Revolution, representing the transition from traditional handmade goods to automated production.

For many decades the sewing machine was a standard household appliance, but it is no longer considered a domestic necessity. Although the heyday of the sewing machine has come and gone, we can still recognize its significance in our history. Without this important invention, the process of making clothing (and any sewn item) would be extremely tedious. Each article would have to be sewn by hand, stitch by stitch!

To celebrate Sewing Machine Day, dig out your sewing machine and start a new project, or sign up for a sewing class to learn this important handcraft!

National Weed Your Garden Day

National Weed Your Garden Day is celebrated annually on June 13.  This day is set aside for all gardeners to take an extra 5 or 10 minutes while weeding their gardens today.

One of the best gardening tips is to stay in control of your garden.  Weeds grow fast, very fast and can soon become overwhelming.  If you stay on top of them, it is much easier to maintain your garden.  Weeding 5 or 10 minutes each day will make the job seem bearable and maybe even a little bit enjoyable and you will be in control and the weeds will not!!

Excessive and unwanted weeds will crowd out plant roots and steal the nutrients that are needed for the plants to grow nice and healthy.

Helpful tips on reducing weeds in your garden:
  • Cover the soil along rows and between plants with mulch.
  • Make sure to keep all weeds away from young plants.
  • It is okay to plant your plants closely together to leave less room for weed growth.
  • Have soil weed-free before planting.
  • Make sure you do not let any of the weeds flower out.
  • Keep the edges of your yard mowed low to lessen the invasion of weeds onto your property and into your garden.
Enjoy your gardening, your weeding and your fresh produce and Happy National Weed Your Garden Day!

Blame Someone Else Day

Blame Someone Else Day is the compulsive liar’s dream day; a whole 24-hours’ worth of constant finger pointing at unsuspecting victims, a day which would make your nagging mother-in-law think twice about badgering anyone ever again.

This momentous occasion to lie through your teeth and pretend you were struck with a sudden, 24-hour long spell of amnesia, takes place on the first Friday the 13th of every year. You can pin the blame on anyone you wish, but remember that at the stroke of midnight, much like Cinderella, you’ll be back to your old self again. The amnesia will wear off, your finger will be hurting from all that pointing, and your friends will get back at you for setting them up. But you can blame this brief madness on Anne Moeller in Michigan, who started the trend in 1982 as an excuse for not keeping her appointments on the fateful day of Friday the 13th.

Who would have thought that being in denial can be a cause for celebration? And celebrate you shall: play a classic whodunit role-play game with friends and see who breaks down in tears first, invite your family over, spike their drinks and blame the granny, loosen the screws on everyone’s chairs and blame the children, pour chocolate mousse in people’s shoes and blame the dog… the possibilities are endless!

Work@Home Father’s Day

Celebrate the CEO at your house. That's the "chief home officer," anyone who works at home. June 15 is dedicated to fathers who have elected to work at home by telecommuting or fulfilling their dream of entrepreneurship. Fathers who work at home have more time to spend with their family, thanks to a zero-mile commute and a flexible work schedule. There will be no more missed milestones and you can have lunch with your young children.

Dads, consider working from home and say goodbye to the cubicle and a surly boss.

"Experience the joy of answering to another set of bosses. Sure they don't wear ties or hose, but they can be just as dictatorial -- and cry even louder when they don't get their way," according to the Chief Home Officer.

Full Moon Day

Full moon day happens to be the lunar phase while moon comes in between sun and earth.

During Full moon day period, when viewed from the Earth, the Moon’s hemisphere which is visible from the earth is fully lightened by the Sun. Thus, it looks round. During Full moon day time, moon’s hemisphere which is not seen by earth remains totally dark. The Moon orbits the Earth about once a month from about 1 light second away. It approximately takes 27 days for completing the orbit. The Moon's diameter is about 1/4 that of the Earth, and from the Earth's surface appears to have almost exactly the same angular size as the Sun. around the Earth. Since the month of February which is also called lunar month contains only 29 days excepting leap year, thus, the dates of full Moon changes every year. The Light of the Moon that reflects from the Sun is said to be the brightest on this night.

Full Moon dates back to the United States, which was then called Native America where tribes kept a track of every season by naming it differently. This method was then adopted by England where a little change were made and then followed by the Europeans. It became tradition from the past that assigning different names for each and every full moon during the entire year. Although determination of significant names for each full moon has taken different shapes from time to time and place to place. An ancient system of choosing names was the resultant criteria of different seasons and even quarters of each year. For instance, the Full Moon just before Easter was named as the Egg Moon. This would be the first moon and it will be visible up above the sky after 21st March. The Lenten Moon happened to be the last visible moon of the year. Full moon day appears on or before March 21st. But trend has changed and modern world earmarks each full moon by the chosen name from the Gregorian calendar. Though, this allocation method of naming of full moon often effectuates the similarity of modern name with traditional one. In fact, the name Monday originates from Moon-day.

Many religions have their New Year starting from the Full Moon Day of a particular month like in Theravada countries, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao, the New Year is celebrated for three days from the first full moon day in April. In Mahayana countries the New Year starts on the first full moon day in January. But the Buddhist New Year depends on the country of origin or ethnic background of the people taking the example of Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese celebrate late January or early February according to the lunar calendar, like wise Tibetans usually celebrate about one month later. So, it depends from people to people and their religious customs and belief when they want to celebrate it.

As per human beliefs it is also said that Full Moon day is the best time to start of a new venture/business etc. Because it drives away all the evils and misfortunes. In Hindu religion it holds a lot of significance.According to it, a full moon day is called either “Purnima” or “Puranmasi.’ A special ritual is organized on this day at temples. Religious rites of purifications are held with symbolic offerings, symbolizing spiritual purification, where thousands of Hindus as well as non Hindus participate. However, in today’s era different people have different beliefs and customs which keep on changing from time to time what has not changed from the past and will definitely not change in the Future is the Moon.