Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holidays and Observances for July 17 2014

Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a good chance for every people in the business setting to get to know their customers. Why? Let’s face it, customers have a strong hold in your business’ success. Unless you take the time to understand their needs from their point of view, you will either stay stagnant or prosper in your business.

 Get to Know Your Customers Day 2014 falls on the third Thursday of the beginning of each quarter. On 2014 falls on 16th of January, 17th of April, 17th of July and 16th of October.Get to Know Your Customers Day falls on the third Thursday of the beginning of each quarter: January, April, July and October.

There was no credible source about this day’s origin. However, inspite its unclear history, it still serves as a good opportunity for you to get to know your customers.

Getting to know your customers, especially the ones you’re not quite familiar yet, can give you a clear idea on how to improve your business. When you build a relationship with them, it creates a loyalty bond. They invest trust not only on your products but also on you. When you have a stronger sense of familiarity with your customers, eventually, it opens marketing opportunities. Loyal customers, invariably, will advertise your products for you.

Get to Know Your Customer Options:
  1. Express your gratitude. Have you expressed gratitude to your customers yet? If not, now is the best time for you to send them simple thank you tokens. Make sure to get your message across clearly.
  2. Conduct a survey. This survey will cover your customers’ wants and needs. For an added motivation, offer promotional products or sample for those who will grant the survey.
  3. Utilize a Facebook account. This account could give you a glimpse of their preferences. Though just a glimpse, it will give you added knowledge about the ways in which you can improve your service to them. 
National Peach Ice Cream Day

July is a big month for ice cream. Dubbed National Ice Cream Month, this time of year boasts several American ice cream food holidays, such as National Strawberry Sundae Day (July 7), National Ice Cream Day (July 20), National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (July 23) and National Hot Fudge Sundae Day (July 25). This page is all about National Peach Ice Cream Day, which happens to fall on the 17th of the month.

Because peach season occurs during the summer time, and warm weather is ideal for enjoying cold, frozen treats, it is especially fitting that National Peach Ice Cream Day is celebrated in July. Both children and adults alike can celebrate by enjoying a scoop or two of this fruity, creamy treat.

National Peach Ice Cream Day has an elusive history, as it is difficult to locate any factual information about the holiday from any official sources. This is fairly common with food holidays, which often stem from local beginnings or are started by food companies.

Peaches themselves have ancient roots, and can be traced back to China in the 10th century B.C. Peaches were introduced to the Romans via Persians, and brought to America in the 16th century by explorers from Spain. Peaches began to be commercially cultivated in The States in the 1800's, and these days they are the country's second biggest fruit crop (after apples).

National Peach Ice Cream Day celebrations may be found at local ice cream parlors or restaurants, where reduced prices or special dishes may be offered. You may wish to celebrate by throwing a peach ice cream party, and making your own at home or purchasing some from the store. Of course, you can also opt to simply scoop yourself a bowl full of ice cream and enjoy it all by yourself.

Wrong Way Corrigan Day

Douglas Corrigan, the last of the early glory-seeking fliers, takes off from Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn, New York, on a flight that would finally win him a place in aviation history.

Eleven years earlier, American Charles A. Lindbergh had become an international celebrity with his solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic. Corrigan was among the mechanics who had worked on Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis aircraft, but that mere footnote in the history of flight was not enough for the Texas-born aviator. In 1938, he bought a 1929 Curtiss Robin aircraft off a trash heap, rebuilt it, and modified it for long-distance flight. In July 1938, Corrigan piloted the single-engine plane nonstop from California to New York. Although the transcontinental flight was far from unprecedented, Corrigan received national attention simply because the press was amazed that his rattletrap aircraft had survived the journey.

Almost immediately after arriving in New York, he filed plans for a transatlantic flight, but aviation authorities deemed it a suicide flight, and he was promptly denied. Instead, they would allow Corrigan to fly back to the West Coast, and on July 17 he took off from Floyd Bennett field, ostentatiously pointed west. However, a few minutes later, he made a 180-degree turn and vanished into a cloudbank to the puzzlement of a few onlookers.

Twenty-eight hours later, Corrigan landed his plane in Dublin, Ireland, stepped out of his plane, and exclaimed, "Just got in from New York. Where am I?" He claimed that he lost his direction in the clouds and that his compass had malfunctioned. The authorities didn't buy the story and suspended his license, but Corrigan stuck to it to the amusement of the public on both sides of the Atlantic. By the time "Wrong Way" Corrigan and his crated plane returned to New York by ship, his license suspension had been lifted, he was a national celebrity, and a mob of autograph seekers met him on the gangway.

Yellow Pig Day

July 17th is celebrated as Yellow pig day. You must be wondering what this Yellow pig day is. This holiday is dedicated to two mathematicians, Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly and the number 17.

The celebration of yellow pig day originated in early 1960’s by the mathematicians in college campus. It all started when Michael Spivak and David Kelly were given an assignment to analyze the property of number 17 when they were student at Princeton. They began finding out interesting properties about number 17 and in the process came up with mythical Yellow Pig which has 17 teeth, 17 toes, 17 eye lashes and so on.

Yellow Pig day is celebrated with much fanfare among mathematical society. Students wear T-Shirts based on mathematical themes with yellow pig on it. You can also celebrate the event by exchanging yellow pig gifts and other gifts based on mathematical themes. At Princeton, David Kelly gives a lecture on historical and mathematical property of number 17 and his collection of 289 (square of number 17) yellow pigs are kept on display. The celebration is concluded by singing yellow pig carols and eating yellow pig cakes.