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Holidays and Observances for October 2 2014

International Day of Non-Violence

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Non-Violence is a global observance that promotes non-violence through education and public awareness. It is annually held on October 2 to coincide with renowned Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

Many people, governments, and non-government organizations around the world observe the International Day of Non-Violence through various events and activities such as:
  • News articles and broadcast announcements promoting the day.
  • Public lectures, seminars, discussions, and press conferences about non-violence.
  • Photo exhibitions highlighting issues, such as the dangers of the illicit trade of small arms.
  • Street awareness campaigns.
  • Light ceremonies promoting non-violence and peace.
  • Multi-faith prayer meetings.
The International Day of Non-Violence has strong connections with the works, beliefs, and methods of peace leader Mahatma Gandhi, who is known as India’s “Father of the Nation”.

The principle of non-violence, also known as non-violent resistance, rejects the use of physical violence to achieve social or political change. Many groups throughout the world use this method in social justice campaigns. There are three main categories of non-violence action:
  • Protest and persuasion, including marches and vigils.
  • Non-cooperation.
  • Non-violent intervention, such as blockades and occupations.
The UN recognizes a philosophical connection between the human rights principles in its universal declaration and those that Mahatma Gandhi used. Gandhi was born in India on October 2, 1869. He is remembered today for his contributions towards India’s freedom and for sharing with the world a doctrine for dealing with injustice and disharmony. He taught people the philosophy of Ahimsa, which encourages the use of non-violence as a tool for the peaceful resolution of differences. India gained its freedom on August 15, 1947, through Gandhi’s efforts. He was assassinated on January 30, 1948.

The UN General Assembly came up with a resolution in 2007 to establish the International Day of Non-Violence. The day aimed to spread the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness, around the world. The resolution reflected universal respect for Gandhi and his philosophy. October 2, which is Gandhi’s birthday, was allocated as the day’s date. The first International Day of Non-Violence was on October 2, 2007.

The UN logo is often associated with marketing and promotional material for this event. It features a projection of a world map (less Antarctica) centered on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree. The olive branches symbolize peace and the world map depicts the area of concern to the UN in achieving its main purpose, peace and security. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles.

National Custodial Worker Day

National Custodial Worker Day is celebrated on October 2nd of each year.  It was established to celebrate the hard work of men and women in the custodial profession.  Custodial workers are those who clean toilets, mop floors, take out the garbage and generally maintain your office space.  These men and women work hard every day and are often taken for granted.  Today is a great day to show a little appreciation.

The staff here at National Whatever Day were unable to locate the origin of National Custodial Worker Day.  However, we were able to locate a Custodial Worker’s Resource website.  Custodial Worker’s Resource provides resources for custodial workers as well as recognition.  One of their “Dates to remember” is National Custodial Worker Day on October 2nd.

Recognizing the Custodial Worker’s who work with you can be as simple as saying hello and how much you appreciate their work.  Other options are greeting cards, a poster placed for all to see, or if you are the boss maybe offer the day off.

National Name Your Car Day

National Name Your Car Day is celebrated on October 2nd of each year and is a great time to personalize your car with a name, if you haven’t done so already.

Many of you most likely remember  “Herbie” the Love Bug, “Lightning McQueen” from Cars, “Kit” from Knight Rider, “General Lee” from The Dukes of Hazzard, “Bandit” from Smokey and the Bandit and "Shaguar" from Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. These are just some of the famous car names that are known by millions of people.

People give attention and consideration to anything important and have value to them. Giving a name to your pet or to your kids is just like giving a name to your car. Naming them describes their personality. Cars are also believed to have feelings and character.

Though there is no direct information about the origin of this day, Nevertheless, take advantage of this day to acknowledge and give credit to your car. Your car maybe a new one–it is much easier to give names to them, because they look wonderful, or maybe an old one–must have witnessed every ups and down; the highs and the lows in the family, and has become a very faithful companion to you. Have fun in looking out for the right name to your car. If you can’t of a name, you may visit Cool Car Nicknames, a website that particularly assists on giving the right and unique name for cars.

Phileas Fogg's Wager Day

Phileas Fogg is the fictional main protagonist in the 1873 Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days.

Fogg attempts to circumnavigate the late Victorian world in 80 days or fewer, for a wager of £20,000 with members of London's Reform Club. He takes the wager and leaves with servant Jean Passepartout, vowing to return by 8:45 pm on Saturday 21 December 1872. Under suspicion of robbing the Bank of England, he is followed by a detective named Fix. Fogg has no idea about Fix's true intentions and Fix, in order to get Fogg back to the United Kingdom so that he can arrest him, works with Fogg in the last half of the book.

While in India he saves a widowed princess, Aouda, from Sati during her husband's funeral and she accompanies Fogg for the rest of his journey. She and Fogg eventually fall in love and marry at the end of the book.

World Farm Animal Day

World Farm Animal Day is an annual event started by the Farm Animal Reform Movement. It was established to raise awareness of the billions of animals suffering and slaughtered in the world's factory farms. The occasion is observed with events in all 50 states and two dozen other countries.

Every second, 269 chickens are killed in the U.S. for food. That's 23 million chickens every day, or 9 billion every year. Chickens and other animals raised for food aren't just food choices or statistics like "10 billion land animals are killed for food every year in the United States".

Just like the dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals that we welcome into our homes and hearts, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows have thoughts, personalities, preferences,feel pain or experience happiness, and also suffer from intensive confinement, boredom and frustration

Every year, large numbers of flora and fauna are killed in factory farms of the world and also in the slaughter house for producing the dairy, eggs and meat. The World Farm Animal Day is devoted to mourning, memorializing and exposing the useless death and sufferings of the pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys and the other sentient and innocent animals slaughtered and raised for food. October 2nd is the honor birthday of the Mahatma Gandhi who was the outspoken supporter of the non- violence towards the animals.

The observances of the World Farm Animal Day is hosted by the certain volunteers in the communities in near about 24 other countries and approximately in fifty US states. The participants consists of the animal encouragement groups, character activists and the newcomers similar- everyone and anyone who cares for the animals is optimistic to link in worldwide protest.

Traditionally the activities consist of the leafleting, vigils, exhibiting, tabling and marches. Much of the theatrical events consist of the die- ins, video rigs and cage- ins. Activist support the mayors and governors to issue particular proclamations disapproving the cruelty to the farmed animals.

World Farm Animal Day is the global campaign of the FARM which was launched in the year 1983, which is an organization that is based outside Washington DC. This FARM performs its functioning with the domestic volunteers by hosting the different activities, helping as resource by giving guidance, media outreach, information, materials and also the directory of the online events. World Farm Animal Day provides us the opportunity to speak against brutalization and atrocities of the animals that are raised for the dairy, eggs and meat.

Among activities that will be organized in the North America will the yearly walk of the Farm Sanctuary’s for the farm animals. Actually it is the series of walking dealings which are organized all through US and Canada in the month of September as well as October. Gene Baur, the co- founder and president of the Farm Sanctuary explains that walk for the farm animals is the crucial tool which provides chances for the animal supporter to reveal the support for the protection of animals, educate general people that why it is significant issue and also help in raising the resources that are necessary to keep on the distinctive work of the Farm Sanctuary’s to save the animals of the farm from the abuse and also support for protection of farm animals around country by the corporate, legal and legislative campaign efforts.

World Farm Animal Day is the day of the remembrance and mourning for all animals that are tortured, slaughtered and imprisoned due to the demand of the society’s for the meat. World Farm Animals Day is the yearly event which was started by Farm Animal Reform Movement to save the farm animals from the tortures of the human beings.

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