Thursday, March 19, 2015

Holidays and Observances for Mar 19 2015

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday in March. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is a national letter-writing campaign urging adults to write letters of love and support to the children in their lives. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day was created by Campfire USA to celebrate incredible kids. For the longest time kids have been subjected to Mother's day and Father's Day with no special day to call their own. Finally Campfire USA has established a day just for kids.

The annual "holiday," created in 1997 by Camp Fire USA, is a call to action. It encourages adults to participate in the “national letter-writing campaign where kids receive letters of support, love and encouragement.” While verbal praise, recognition and encouragement is wonderful, having those special words in written form is priceless. Those personal handwritten letters can serve as an important reminder during children’s difficult growing years. And those heartfelt letters may become keepsake in years to come. And if you don’t have your own children, why not send a letter to a niece, nephew or special child in honor of the event?

Celebrate today by telling the children in your life how much you appreciate and love them. Whether it's your own child, grandchild, or family friend, use this holiday to let them know how incredible they are.

Companies That Care Day

Employer engagement exists when the values and practices of a company support the needs of society as well as the profitability of the business.

That statement is a key tenet of Companies That Care Day, an annual national event marked on the third Thursday of March to encourage employers and employees to collaboratively address a significant societal issue that undermines community well-being.

The event is sponsored by the Center for Companies That Care, a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring social sustainability and improving lives. The decade-old center seeks to educate and inspire employers to adhere to 10 characteristics of socially responsible companies:
  1. Sustain a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees.
  2. Make employees feel their jobs are important.
  3. Cultivate the full potential of all employees.
  4. Encourage individual pursuit of work/life balance.
  5. Enable the well-being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and practices.
  6. Develop great leaders at all levels who excel at managing people as well as results.
  7. Appreciate and recognize the contributions of people who work there.
  8. Establish and communicate standards for ethical behavior and integrity.
  9. Get involved in community endeavors and/or public policy.
  10. Consider the human toll when making business decisions.

On Care Day, companies are encouraged to jump-start and expand on activities that reflect these 10 characteristics. This year’s theme is childhood literacy and the need for library resources in less-advantaged schools, but participants may focus on any issue they feel is relevant in their community.

There are a number of other Companies That Care tenets worthy of deeper contemplation. Among them:
  • “We believe most people are ethical and live with integrity. We believe most people can be trusted. We know our work policies should be developed based on these assumptions.”
  • “We believe a mother’s or father’s greatest responsibility is raising their children even though neither can stay home to raise them in the traditional division of labor of generations past. We are in the midst of evolutionary change. We believe employers must adapt to the realities of our current and future society; otherwise, we know employees will choose to work somewhere else.”
  • “When making decisions, we should consider the human toll, both today and on the unborn next generation.”

Beyond earning a paycheck, we all want to feel our work has a deeper meaning. That’s one of the advantages of being employed in a profession that involves efforts to ensure health and safety in the workplace. It may not be the world’s most visible or glamorous profession, but it routinely presents opportunities to make a real difference – and in turn provides the intrinsic rewards we crave. The rewards can be as immediate as seeing an employee go home from work in as good or better shape than when he or she arrived, to long-term improvements in environmental conditions that have positive global repercussions.

Does your organization pass the socially responsible litmus test? The 10 characteristics the Center for Companies That Care defines as the code of conduct for optimal daily business practices is a good starting place.

It boils down to the center’s simple homily: “If we all do a little, we can truly accomplish a lot.”

International Client's Day

International clients' day – unofficial holiday when companies' owners and managers thanks their clients. Client day is celebrated each year on 19 March. First time client day was mentioned in 2010 and its authors became Lithuanian and Russian business people. The idea behind the client day is that world has many memorable days, however there is nothing dedicated to clients – most valuable part of any business and organization.

So, each year on 19 March companies‘ owners and managers are invited to join the celebration and to thank their client. Traditionally clients are pleased by discounts, special offers or all kind of events only for them. The day is supported by telecommunication companies, banks, retail stores, government organizations, education institution and more in Lithuania and Russia. Popularity and importance of Client's day is growing year after year and more organizations are joining the day.

The world's only informal holiday created especially for clients. Representatives of various organizations take advantage of the holiday as an opportunity to offer thanks and congratulations to:

  • customers of products and services;
  • visitors to shopping centers and shops;
  • e-commerce website visitors;
  • partners.

The purpose of this holiday is to provide an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to remember, congratulate and express appreciation to their customers. The main attribute of the holiday – attention to the client, shared in different ways.

Before the holiday, different companies around the world traditionally expressed their thanks to customers on Christmas, March 8th, Valentine's Day, Easter and many other holidays that have a completely different purpose. Now companies, government institutions and business partners have an opportunity to show their gratitude to their clients on a dedicated day. Clients are the foundation of every business.

In 2010, a company from Klaipėda was considering how to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation. A new idea was born – “Why not acknowledge our clients? After all, clients are the foundation of every business.”

After much discussion they realized that there was no specific day dedicated to clients. So, they decided to create one! The goal behind the idea is to encourage companies to show more appreciation to their clients.

The first Client’s day greetings were sent on March 19, 2010 to various cities and countries around the world. It was reported by newspapers, a new domain - - was created and the event was added to the Lithuanian open calendar.

In 2011, more international companies supported the idea by sharing their gratitude with clients.

In 2012, the celebration went viral and many more companies expressed their thanks to clients; the idea also received support from newspapers and the Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce (Actually, Boss’s day was first registered at the US Chamber of Commerce).

In 2013, Client‘s day was widely accepted and celebrated in Lithuania by huge companies such as Akropolis and Bite. Following fact was recorded by international association. The biggest Russian holiday portal added Client‘s day to their lists and, finally, Russia joined the celebration. Many companies in Russia supported the initiative. The official supporter of Client‘s day is the Mayor of the City of Klaipeda, Vytautas Grubliauskas.

In 2014, the first massive event dedicated to client appreciation took place. The President of Lithuania evaluated this idea positively.

National Chocolate Caramel Day

It's a sticky situation. We'll deal. March 19 is National Chocolate Caramel Day.

Caramels are soft, chewy, velvety bites of heaven. When they're combined with chocolate, they become a taste sensation second to none.

Luckily , making them at home isn't as daunting as you’d think. Yes, there’s some equipment involved, and yes, there should always be an adult in the room, but the rest is easy.

First you need to decide if you want to make chocolate caramels, or caramels covered in chocolate (the former saves a step meaning you can get to eating the candies quicker).

When it comes to making candy, there are a few things you need to know. First, sugar behaves differently when heated to different temperatures. For example, heat sugar syrup to between 235 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit and you've got soft-ball stage candy. At this stage, the candy can be made into fudge or pralines. Heat it further to between 300 and 310 F and you've got hard-crack stage candy that’s perfect for brittles or lollipops.

Somewhere in the middle is the caramel, or firm-ball stage. When you heat sugar syrup to between 245 and 250 F you’ll get a candy that’s both malleable and firm. Your trusty candy thermometer will tell you when your syrup is at the right temperature. And no, this isn't the same one you use to see if you have a fever or check the doneness of your tenderloin.

To make actual caramel, you have to add cream and butter, and vanilla if you'd like. In most caramel recipes, the cream is added over heat, while the rest of the ingredients are added off the heat.

When you add your cream, the mixture will bubble up the sides of your pot. This is normal, and why it’s important for kids to have an adult present. Once it's off the heat, whisk in butter and chopped chocolate until the mixture is smooth and glossy. Pour it into a greased baking dish and cut it into squares once it's cool. And there you go – chocolate caramels.

Wrap them individually in small pieces of wax or parchment paper and see how long they last. Go ahead, try to eat just one.

National Poultry Day

Have a fowl feast on March 19 because it's National Poultry Day!

You won't have any trouble keeping your options open on this holiday: Poultry, the term used to define domesticated birds that are raised for their eggs and meat, includes chicken, quail, turkey, duck, goose and pheasant.

The first "white meat" (the other being pork) is the second most widely eaten meat in the world. Poultry legs, wings, breasts and thighs are the favorites for consumption, but roasting the whole bird is also an agreeable option, especially around the holidays.

There's more than one way to cook a bird, so roast, bake, fry, grill, stir fry, sauté, glaze, marinate, poach and kebab to your heart's content. Poultry and lemon pair well together, so amp up the flavor in favor of your usual roast chicken and glaze it with lemon curd. It could be life-changing.

Not feeling like serving the bird? It's also National Chocolate Caramel Day, so grab your favorite combination of both or dive in to this mouthwatering chocolate and caramel bread pudding. Whether you go sweet or savory, one of these two is sure to put a smile on your face.