Thursday, June 4, 2015

Holidays and Observances for June 4 2015

Audacity To Hope Day

Many people associate the phrase “audacity to hope” with President Barack Obama because of his 2006 book titled The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. And U.S. politics being very polarized these days, some people don't really like to deal with anything associated with President Obama.

However, the creators of this holiday assure us that it is about more than the current American president. It is for and about all people, of all times—of course Democrats and Republicans and third-party and no-party Americans, but also people all around the world.

Because, even when things are bleak, some people keep on keeping on, moving forward. Some people have the audacity to hope that things can be different, better. 

Obama is actually a great example of the audacity to hope. If you had suggested to every American adult, in the year 2002, that a man named Barack Hussein Obama would be elected president within the decade, most would've said, “You're crazy.” (Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was alive back then, and considered one of America's and the world's enemies.) If you had added that Obama was black, most people would've said, “You're really crazy.” 

And if you had added that Obama was in actual fact biracial—with a white mother and a black father—a father from Africa, even, not an American—most people would've said, “You're really, really crazy!”

Now, mind you, I am not saying that only racist people would've said that that was crazy talk. I think that there was a general attitude even among people who loved the idea of a black or bi-racial president that such a candidate would've had no hope to win a major-party nomination, let alone a presidential election (let alone two!). Not then and not any time soon.

But some people didn't look at the same situation and think “no hope.” Some had the audacity to hope that there was a chance! And soon!

And if those people hadn't hoped and tried and worked, America would still be waiting for its first black president!

So, even if your dreams seem improbable, have the audacity to hope. And try. And work.

Maybe you can achieve those dreams, after all!

Hug Your Cat Day

Sure, you'll give your kitty a nice long squeeze, but here are some other things you can do.

Cats have held a special place in our hearts for millennia. As far back as 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians depicted the sacred cat in their artwork and interred their cats’ mummified remains in the tombs of the Pharaohs. But did you know that the first documented feline-human hug occurred thousands of years earlier? Well, kind of.

A grave excavated in 2004 on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus provides evidence of our close relationship with cats. The remains of a human and a cat were found carefully buried together with polished stones, seashells, and other valued artifacts in a 9,500-year-old grave. The side-by-side burial indicates a strong spiritual bond between the human and cat in their daily lives and afterlives.

June 4 is a time to celebrate your special relationship with your cat. It’s Hug Your Cat Day. Marisa D’Vari, author, television producer, and wine educator, created the day to honor the life of her deceased cat, encourage cat owners to celebrate the bond with their own cats, and inspire people to help other cats.

There are lots of reasons to hug your cats. If they’re like mine, your cats help reduce your stress levels (unless they've peed outside the litter box), help reduce blood pressure (unless they've just scratched your new chair), and help reduce the risk of depression (unless they've peed outside the litter box and scratched your new chair).

But, seriously, cats are great companions. Take my cats, for example. Storm snuggles and gives me kitty kisses, he purrs when I mention his name, and gives great massages. He's a great listeners and doesn't talk back (usually). He makes me laugh and fills my heart with joy.

When my cats are well, I’m happy. When they’re not well, I’m a mess. When I travel, I miss them, and when they travel over the Rainbow Bridge, I grieve deeply for them -- even more than I've grieved the loss of some people in my life.

I love my cats and know they love me. Toby has arthritis, yet he gets up and walks across the room to greet me when I come home. Jenny could relax on her soft, heated bed, but she chooses to squeeze herself between my outstretched legs. Luna is a timid cat who has taught me patience and understanding and rewarded me with her trust. 

In honor of Hug Your Cat Day, I’m going to give Toby a whiff of fresh catnip, delight Jenny with her favorite toy, and toss Luna an extra go-crazy-for treat. I hope you’ll do something special for your cat, too.

In addition to pampering your cat, there are three very important things I hope you do to keep your cats safe and healthy: spay or neuter your cats before they can reproduce at five months of age, create a stimulating indoor world to keep your cats happy and safe, and put a safety collar with visible ID on your cats -- even if they live indoors, because they could escape or be displaced during an emergency.

Of course, providing the best possible care for your cat would not be possible without the help of your cat’s veterinarian. In order to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day for many more years, be sure that your cat visits the veterinarian at least once a year for routine wellness exams. Why? Cats’ survival instincts tell them to hide any signs of illness that would make them vulnerable to predators. Therefore, you may not notice gradual changes in your cat’s behavior or health until your cat is really sick. At that point, it may be more difficult and costly to restore your cat’s health.

Speaking of the importance of veterinarians, did you know that there’s an American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)? The AAFP is teaching veterinary clinics and their staff how to make visits less stressful for cats and their owners. An AAFP-designated "cat-friendly practice" has cat-only waiting rooms, exam rooms that offer extra cat comforts, and staff who are specially trained to handle cats in ways that minimize stress for cats and owners. A cat-friendly practice may make all the difference when it comes to helping you provide the best ongoing health care for your beloved cat.

Unfortunately, many cats rarely go to the veterinarian, because getting them into a carrier is so stressful for them and their owners. Familiarizing your cat with a carrier could save his life by making veterinary visits easier and allowing you to take your cat and leave your home quickly, for example, if you had to evacuate. Here's a great Catster article to teach you how to help your cat not only tolerate his carrier, but even consider it a safe place.

Whether you have a cat or not, you can celebrate Hug Your Cat Day in many ways: volunteering for a local animal shelter, cat rescue, or trap-neuter-return group; adopting a cat; advocating for laws to protect community (feral and stray) cats; and donating to a cat cause. Really, the possibilities are endless.

I like to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day every day, because my life would not be the same without my precious cats. Have you hugged your cat today? It’s good for your cat and it’s good for you!

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

When International Day of Innocent Children Victims is celebrated? During the year of 1982, 4th June of every year was declared as International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression by United Nations General Assembly Why International Day of Innocent Children Victims is celebrated? It was celebrated to fulfill the purpose of providing better place for the children victimized for mental, emotional and physical abuse. It is celebrated to make people aware of the fact that right for those victimized children should be protected. Various non-governmental and government organizations take place for this celebration such as :
  • United Nations Children's Fund(Unicef) ,
  • The Global Movement for Children, with leadership from Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel,
  • The 'Say Yes for Children' campaign. This revolutionary campaign was supported by more than 94 million supporters.
Statistics describing condition of children all over the world. Commemorating the day is as relevant now as it was then. Victimized children by the act of child abuse though are not much superficial but it is looming large in the society day by day. As UNICEF states, "Violence cuts across all social, cultural, religious and ethnic lines. This kind of abuse can raise its head anywhere like in school, home, streets." Globally, there are 11 to 17 million people who are refugees. Of these, 41 per cent are believed to be children and 26 per cent women. Global estimates of internally displaced persons range between 16 million and 25 million, with an average estimate of 24.5 million internally displaced persons worldwide. Displaced children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to violence, sexual exploitation, HIV infection, forced labor and slavery, and they risk being forcibly recruited by armed groups. Statistics of the last decade show the pathetic fact of killing over two million children due to conflict. Moreover, nearly 6 million children are being wounded along with 1 million being orphaned. Near 20 millions of children have had to flee their homes due to the wars.

Children in 87 countries live among 60 million land mines. Victimized as a mine labor with annual figure of near about 10,000. Over 300,000 young boys and girls are appointed to work as child soldiers throughout the globe. Many of them are below the age of 10 years. Lots of young girls are compelled to several types of sexual harassment. Almost 30,000 children die every day from the side-effects of violence, such as the aforementioned poverty, hunger and preventable diseases etc. AIDS by itself has killed more than 3.8 million children and orphaned another 13 million. In the last five years HIV/AIDS has become the greatest threat to children, especially in countries ravaged by war. In highly affected countries, figure shows that nearly half of today's 15-year-old is estimated to die. According to the world statistics, near about 1.2 billion human race make their survival even below one dollar per day basis. Here, in this count half of the share is children. Ten million children under the age of five die each year, the majority from preventable diseases and malnutrition. According to the world statistics, annually near about four million children are not getting the opportunity for birth registration, which is making them deprived from the legal identity and nationality. Approximately 250 million children, especially girls, from age five to fourteen, are forced to work. Awareness attempt The awareness of this reality called for urgent steps to change the current state of things for the better. One of the principal landmarks came in 1989, when the UN General Assembly adopted “the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)”. This was soon followed, in 1990, by the remarkable World Summit for Children, at which 159 Heads of State and Government and other high-level representatives proclaimed that 'there can be no task nobler than giving every child a better future'. Step towards better future Like parental care and support, the governments at the Summit promised that they would always act in the 'best interests of the child' and ensure that children would have 'first call' on all resources.

To put these promises into effect they established a Plan of Action incorporating 27 specific goals relating to children's survival, health, nutrition, education and protection. This focus on children continued. Ten years later, in 2000, the world's leaders met and signed the Millennium Declaration, pledging 'to free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty'. After that incident, they had made a commitment of different targets which made its identity with the name of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These all series were meant for children welfare and rights protection for them.

To make its foundation much stronger, these series of commitments were re-established in the month of May of 2002.In this act, the General Assembly dedicated all its 27th Special Session, especially for children, which paved the way of rewinding the progress from the summit of the year 1990. While acknowledging many achievements, they concluded that they were still falling short. They adopted a Declaration committing them to seizing 'this historic opportunity to change the world for children'. The resulting plan of action aimed to create a world fit for children, one in which all children get the best possible start in life. The plan emphasized that families, the basic units of society, have the primary responsibility, and that they and other caregivers should have the appropriate support so they can enable children to grow in a safe and stable environment. With the plan, governments committed to a time bound set of specific goals, strategies and actions in four priority areas:
  • Promoting healthy lives;
  • providing quality education;
  • protecting against abuse, exploitation
  • violence
  • combating HIV and AIDS

National Cognac Day

It might be hard to believe today, but cognac was as popular through the end of the 19th century as vodka is today! In fact, cognac was the original “must have” spirit and it was hard for cognac producers to meet demand. In the 17th century, the Dutch ruled the oceans and went from country to country trading wares. The Dutch realized that the wine they traded frequently spoiled on the voyage but the brandewijn, or burnt wine, that they purchased from the Cognac region, which was a major trading region in France given its proximity to river ways, did not spoil, in fact, it improved during the voyage. What made the brandewijn special was that it had been distilled. The Dutch exported this bradewijn throughout the world and demand continued to grow. The distilleries quickly branded it cognac and it’s popularity exploded.

100 years ago, cognac (and brandy) was a bartender’s friend. If you look in vintage cocktail books, the number of brandy drinks rival, if not, exceed the number of gin drink. Today, cognac and brandies are no longer viewed as the bartender’s friend. I don’t know why this is – cognac is infinitely mixable and as versatile as whisky. Maybe this is because cognac is viewed as a luxury spirit (and there are a limited number of brandy producers). I am hoping that this spirit will eventually be revived in the ongoing cocktail renaissance. Growing up in brandy drinking country, I can attest that while brandy cocktails are good, cocktails made with cognac are even better! There is nothing that I like better than a Sidecar made with a good cognac.

Give cognac a try this June 4. Try a VSOP or XO neat or substitute a VS or VSOP in your favorite whisky drink. Or, give these favorite brandy drinks a try (substitute the brandy for cognac):
  • Sidecar – my favorite drink for 15 years running. Take my word, it’s delicious.
  • Wisconsin Old Fashion – a bastardized Old Fashion made with brandy and soda. I grew up on these.
  • Cognac and Squirt – another Wisconsin specialty for when you don’t have time to make a Wisconsin Old Fashion.
  • Manhattan – shockingly good with Cognac.
  • Brandy Alexander – with ice cream, yummy!
Old Maid's Day

June 4 is Old Maid’s Day. While one version of “Old Maids” has to do with a popular deck of cards and another refers to un-popped popcorn kernels, Old Maid’s Day is an annual event that brings awareness to all the older, unmarried ladies out there who have not yet found their soul mate.

Old Maid's Day History
It is believed the origins of Old Maid’s Day began when World War II ended. While many soldiers returned home and got married, many single ladies were not as lucky - their soldiers never returned. Dances and “socials” were held in order to bring all the single men and women together.

Being an unmarried older woman without children was frowned upon back in the day. And being referred to as an “old maid” or “spinster” was not a flattering term! But over the years, women have come a long way, baby! Today, many women are postponing marriage until much later in life, if at all. For many women, busy careers, rich lives and children often take precedence over Mr. Right. And perhaps the high rate of divorce also plays a role?

But regardless of one's age or marital status, loneliness can be overwhelming and hard to deal with. But this June 4th, why not celebrate your fabulousness this Old Maid's Day despite your circumstances? Celebrate you!

How to Celebrate Old Maid's Day
  • Old Maid’s Vinegar Pie Recipe – Sounds delicious, doesn't it? This recipe calls for eggs, sugar, spices, raisins, pecans and of course, vinegar.
  • Invite your single gal pals over for a Sex and the City Marathon. Sit back and watch the fabulous Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha rule Manhattan.
  • Check out the Old Maids and Grumpy Old Men Names, just for fun!
  • Send a free Old Maid’s Day greeting card to your other single friends.
  • 1919 New York Times article – Old Maid’s Day in Paris
  • Be sure to watch the ladies get their dance on during Old’s Maids Day from 1933.
World Naturist Day

Naturism is the term derived from the word “Nudism”. Naturist has the motto to practice and advocate social or public nudity in common places

Naturists are the social activists who celebrate this day in order to find more sociable, uplifting, liberating lifestyle. World naturists also invite others to understand view of naturism. They practice public nudism in order to uplift self-respect, respect to other people and to the environment. Naturists believe in cloth-free environment in a right ambiance along with like minded people around them. 4th June 2006 is the day of first celebration of world Naturist Day.

For the last few year, Nudism in public places has become secured and protected and even more in practice. Various places in UK, recreation clubs can be found, especially, for naturist. Several swimming pools have arranged with separate time slot for public nudist. Beaches are also open for social nudist.Naturist also book many recreation centers for them. Various clubs have the option to offer membership to the naturist, where they can easily access the facility of swimming, sauna and other leisure options. These clubs are usually known as Sun club. They also access the facility of different holiday center, where they take the pleasure of camp or hire some chalet. They have the option of selecting any resort. Inland sites are also meant for them.